New project: Repository on VAA statements and party positions

Academic coordination and exchange has always played a central part within the overall agenda of the Research Network. Taking up the results of a former, global census regarding existing VAAs, our next step is to expand on its data.

We are now aiming to collect the respective VAA statements and party positions within the following months to come by contacting all VAA-builders that were included in our former census.

Besides general information and specifications of the actual method of party positioning, the focus is on a complete survey of policy statements as well as the respective party positions, so no user data will be collected. To ensure practical benefit, the data will provide wording in original language as well as in English translation.

Once completed, the full database is to become available to all VAA-builders who provided us with their data as well as to all members of our ECPR Research Network.

For further details, please contact us via